Payment Methods

We Repair Cell Phones
We repair all major Cell Phone brands such as Apple, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Huawei and more. We Repair Cracked Phone Screens, Mobile Operating System issues, Email Configuration issues and more.
Laptop Repairs
We repair all major brands of Laptops. We repair/replace Laptop Motherboards, CD/DVD Drive, Hard Drives, Solid State Drive, Cracked LCD, Keyboard, RAM Memory Modules, Track Pad and more.
Website Development
We develop websites for Small and Large Businesses. All of our Websites are compatible with all major browsers and are very responsive. We develop Ecommerce Websites which boost Business Sales and increase Business Revenue.
Antivirus and Internet Security Protection
Protect your Business from unwanted downtime due to Viruses and Malware. We install both Personal and Commercial Antivirus and Internet Security Solutions to protect your Business Information. Avoid information breaches today.
Windows 10 Operating System Support
We provide Technical Support for Windows 10. Are you experiencing issues with Windows 10 and require Technical Support? We provide support for Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Server, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


wired networkingOur team can setup, configure and maintain your wired network, windows server users and ensure that your wired devices are properly connected to your internet or intranet while having access to all your network connected devices. We also provide in-house and online Google cloud storage services, which allows for access to your files and documents in your own personal cloud and from anywhere in the world.



wired networkingWe at Akim Computer Technologies partner with industry leaders so you can get everything you need to build a robust and reliable network tailored to your networking needs. Our routers, switches and other networking devices give you direct access to network-based resources using wired jacks and provide support for various data rates up to 10Gbps. Transfer your files and data at lightening speeds across your network today. 


wired networkingWe also provide network data encryption and VPN services to protect your data being sent within and outside of your network while providing you with high speed network access, lower network installation costs, higher network latency, reliable and robust network infrastructure. Your network is the backbone of your organisation and should be highly available, redundant and efficient in order for your employees to be productive. 



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