Grow Your Business Today – Get Your Free E-Commerce Website

Do you have a business and looking for an effective e-commerce website solution? If yes, then we at Akim Computer Technologies are pleased to offer you a free e-commerce website to assist you in growing your business and developing a strong online presence.

For a limited time only, we will develop your e-commerce website free of charge. This promotion runs from May 12th 2022 to June 30th 2022. Reach more customers today and increase your revenue today.

All our e-commerce website packages contain the following:

  1. Online Storefront
  2. Shopping Cart Functionality
  3. Customer Account Portal
  4. Content Management System
  5. Social Media Integration
  6. Search Engine Optimization
  7. Contact Form
  8. Image/Video Gallery
  9. Website Backups
  10. Free SSL Certificate
  11. Free Domain Name For One Year

Terms and Conditions Apply.

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